Operational since 2007, Al Marsa Foods from day one decided to opt for a sustainable approach through a cooperation with small local artisanal fishermen all along the south coastal belt of the sultanate of Oman. 


At Al Marsa Foods, we are proud to be the only company throughout the Middle East to have been granted a sustainability certification. We are accredited by Friend of the Sea, non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO), whose mission is to conserve the marine habitat. 


Sustainability is a part of our corporate culture from the beginning. At Al Marsa Fisheries, we recognized early on that we needed to protect and preserve our ressources to ensure the fish near Oman to thrive.

Consumers should know that some fishing methods are more damaging than others to the environment. This is why we procure fish from different small fishing harbors and our fishermen use only the Hand line (one hook) method which has no impact on the seabed and allows great selectivity.


We do not focus only on the sustainability of our products but we are also trying every day to decrease our carbon footprint by lowering our energy and water consumption implementing new procedures and providing awareness sessions for our staff. 


We also have a zero waste policy and either recycle ourselves or ensure that our wastes are properly recycled. 


From Barka to Shuwaymiyah, we know our own fishermen in order to ensure that all our fish and seafood is sourced from sustainable and responsible sources. This is important for the heritage, culture and economy of the country because buying local allow us to protect our oceans, marine environment, not to mention the livelihoods of the people working in the seafood industry for the future.